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The Tanzanian Children'Project (TCP) was established in 2009 by the Knights of Columbus Columbia Council 7559, located in Columbia, Maryland. Its purpose is to raise funds for the development and support of health care and education projects in Tanzania. The first project undertaken was the construction of the Malowa Medical Dispensary, an outpatient clinic, which began in 2009. Recently solar panels were installed on the roof of the dispensary bringing it up to specifications where it can now be certified by the government. Until it is certified it cannot legally operate.

The construction of the dispensary was overseen by Father Emmanuel Lyimo pastor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic church until early 2014 when he was assigned to a new parish. The church is located in the villge of Mahida which boarders the Malowa village where the dispensary is located. Soon after Father Emmanuel's reassignment the Adorer Missionary Sisters of the Poor took over managment of the dispensary.

During construction Peter Maduki of the Caritas Department in the Tanzanian Episcopal Conference provided independent third party oversight of the project to ensure that funds earmarked for the dispensary were used properly and that the construction met the specifications required by the Moshi Diocese and the Tanzanian government.

The Adorer Missionary Sisters are also supporting the St. John Vianney Orphanage which is located about 500 meters from the dispensary and was founded in 2013 by Sister Mary Wandia and Father Mark Mlay. Sr. Mary is from Kenya and Fr. Mark is from the Malowa village in Tanzania. They both currently reside in in Florida.

Eight villages located in the Rombo District of the Kilimanjaro Region in North Eastern Tanzania, including Mahida, will be served by the dispensary. Rombo, situated on the Eastern slope of Mount Kilimanjaro, stretches from a reserve at 1800-2000 meters above sea-level to the Kenyan border at 900-1000 meters above sea-level. The rural region is isolated due to an underdeveloped road system and without adequate employment opportunities. Most people are farmers and the majority live in poverty, getting by on less than one dollar a day. Over 700 orphaned children live within this area.

The Tanzanian Children's Project seeks donations from individuals, businesses, and other organizations. TCP hosts many events throughout the year to support its projects in Tanzania. If you would like to help TCP consider establishing your own fundraiser and donating the proceeds. By doing so you will become a part of the solution to solving the problems associated with global poverty in one community in Africa.

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