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Wellness, Prevention, and Recovery From Illness

The Malowa Medical Dispensary opened its doors on March 15, 2013 and is providing limited basic health care servcies to the orphanage and rest of the local community. The dispensary is an outpatient clinic that will charge patients a fee based on the type of service received and their ability to make payment. No person will be turned away from the clinic due to his or her inability to pay for needed services.

The Tanzanian Children's Project will continue to make donations to keep the clinic running by offering to subsidize staff salaries. The Tanzanian government is offering to commit and pay for the salary of a doctor or clinical officer for the dispensary. Health care personnel are in very short supply in Tanzania, particularly in rural regions like Malowa.

HIV/AIDS prevention educational programs will be a major focus of the clinic. In addition, the clinic will promote wellness through programs that teach healthy lifestyles and the prevention of illness, and will assist in the recovery process of ill patients.

Benefits of the Health Care Program

The benefit to the community will be a decrease in the number of new HIV/AIDS cases and consequently a decrease in the number of future orphans, as well as an overall improvement in the health of the community. Educational levels attained by children will increase due to healthier children missing fewer days of school and being able to focus better while in school.

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