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Tanzania Ceili Band
Broeshler School of Irish Dance
Broeshler School of Irish Dance
Auction Items
Dileab Phriseal
Ex. 6 Donation by Father Gerry Bowen for the Malowa Dispensary.
Ex. 7 Maryland Homebrew - Donated Beer to the Celebration.
Ex. 8 Live Auction of Liquor Basket.
Ex. 9 .
Ex. 10 Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians.
Ex. 11 description a.
Ex. 12 description b.
Ex. 13 description c.
Ex. 14 description a.
Ex. 15 description b.
Ex. 16 description c.
Ex. 17 description a.
Ex. 18 description b.
Ex. 19 description c.
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Annual St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Our yearly St. Patrick's Day Celebration has been our largest fundraiser contributing over $25,000 since 2009. The event is a celebration of Irish heritage showcasing two talented local bands from Maryland, the Tanzania Ceili Band and Dileab Phriseal and an Irish dance group made up of children ages 6-18 years old.

Along with this fine entertainment is served an Irish dinner of corned beef and cabbage, Guiness Stout and other quality beers, wine, soft drinks, a 50/50 raffle, auctions and door prizes.

Most of all there is the wonderful frienship of the St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, the brotherhood and sisterhood of the Knights of Columbus, and many other individuals who enjoy a good time.

Tickets for all of the Tanzanian Children's Project and Columbia Council 7559 event can be purchased online. Click here to check out our event schedule and to purchase a ticket.


1. Send a check in the amount of your donation to: Tanzanian Childrens Project P.O. Box 6507 Columbia, Maryland 21045


2. Use PayPal to make an online contribution: